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I grew up in the forests of northwest Montana with deep family roots in the community.  Forming Safe Lands Forestry is my way of caring for the land that has supported my family for three generations. Having fought wild land fires with the National Park Service, the US Forest Service and other private contractors, I saw a need for preventative fire management. My discussions with homeowners who live in close proximity to forests indicated that, while people do want to protect their land, many don’t know which steps to take. Since 2008, Safe Lands Forestry has provided education and services to help protect forested lands here in northwest Montana. With over 23 years in the wildfire community our commitment to wildfire prevention, low-impact logging and ongoing forest management ensures that our forests will continue to thrive and support the ecosystems that make our corner of Montana an amazing place to call home.

I'm Tai Foley


The loggin' dog


My grandfather's lumber mill,1950's

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