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Education  & Consultation

Our first objective is to provide you, the home/forest owner, with knowledge. It matters that you understand why an area requires thinning or a particular tree needs to be removed. A healthy forest stand requires ongoing management for continued forest health and wildfire prevention.

Wildfire Prevention

Our goal is to improve safety while preserving the feeling that you are still in the forest.  Small-scale strategies minimize topsoil disturbance to promote healthy growth while protecting buildings,
infrastructure and privacy.


Timber Falling and Thinning

Our sawyer services extend from knee-high saplings to larger trees appropriate for mill use. We often hand-fall trees for accuracy. When necessary to improve efficiency, compact forestry equipment assists in tree removal while protecting small acreage infrastructure.

Chipping & Wood Disposal

Forest thinning and tree removal produces a large volume of debris. We can chip the
material for use on site, pile and burn, or
haul it away. In some cases, chipping material is dispersed over the forest floor to return nutrients and aid in regrowth.


Low Impact Equipment

Our forestry equipment is small enough to fit into tight spots and big enough to get the job done. The advantage of smaller equipment is that it reduces damage to the forest floor, promoting recovery and restoration to the forest.

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